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January 2022
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3/7/10 training update

Beej’s update:
Week 5 of tri training. Out of base period and into build period. Swim: 5150m. Bike: 55mi. Run: 13mi. Highlight: 31 mile outdoor ride today w/ Brian Hone. Gorgeous day. Lowlight: My left shoulder continues to hurt and I still don’t have a great sleep pattern yet.

Susan’s update:
week ending 2/28: holding steady. Ran the work loop with a co-worker on Tuesday then got in a medium Saturday run with Beej and long Sunday run myself. Weather was kind of icky but making up rhymes made the Saturday run go quickly despite the wet. Mileage was 24.7 miles. Good recovery week.

week ending 3/7: very social. Connected over email with a running mentor from my high school days, which was inspiring. Ran at work on Monday and then got a group of 4 of us out for 6.5 miles on Wednesday. Then it was beautiful Saturday so Beej and I ran the trails at Maudslay State Park for an hour.

I waffled between being inspired to try the May ultra, thinking about volunteering at the May event and training for the June race, and feeling like I should just enjoy spring running and explore trails without the pressure of a big race. I’m out for a business trip the next 5 days so I’m focusing on getting enough sleep and not getting sick, but it sure would be nice to get in some miles in the 60-degree temps while I’m there if my schedule allows.

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