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September 2021
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Random Responses and Updates

How Many Have You Read: I tried to read A heartbreaking work of staggering genius. I couldn’t finish it. Too self-indulgent, too many words to get to the point. I made it about half-way through before it returned to the library.

Things I Get Jazzed About: Sarah, I can’t wait to see you at your holiday party and hopefully I’ll get to chat with you before then. We did hire Rachel (the woman to whom I made reference) and she starts Jan 2. I’ve been told I’ll get part of her time on my project (Painful Yet Satisfying).

Painful Yet Satisfying: despite my efforts, the demo was a flop. Nonetheless the program will continue. I think this is the best result but it’s a little mind-boggling.

Feeling Appreciated (Volunteering at MIT): I haven’t made it to an AILG Board meeting in a few months, and the breakfast meeting in November was really anti-climactic for me. In the mean time I was asked to be on the IRDF board of allocation. While I’ve not been able to make one of their meetings either, they held a special lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club to welcome me, since our chair David Latham is a professor there. (By the way, this was the epitome of civilized. Madrigal singers provided muted but melodious accompaniment. The staff brought the next course with sub-minute precision of when one was done with the previous course. The food was delicious. The waitstaff was inconspicuous. There was no rush.) I have to admit, I think this is the way I’m heading in my volunteer career. Lesser time commitment, easier to participate remotely; where there is money, there is influence. Also the smaller committee suits me well, as do the particular members of the group.

Ticked Off and Tired: Brian has made a complete recovery from Lyme Disease. No ticks here. We haven’t had a successful hike since that infamous day, but he’s been back to most of his usual activities and sleep patterns, with perhaps a slightly higher affinity for naps now that it’s Daylight Savings Time of the year.


Comment from Sarah San Clemente
Time: December 3, 2007, 5:55 pm

I am totally jazzed both that you and Brian are coming to our holiday party and that you’re jazzed about coming…especially given your most recent post! I’d hate to add stress to you’re already stressful existence =0). I know we keep alluding to this, but we really, really should schedule some real time together for dinner/brunch, dessert/coffee, whatever we can squeeze in, probably at some point in January. If we schedule now, we’ll be ahead of the game and pleasantly surprised when our date arrives, right?! =0)

See you soon!


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