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September 2021
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December is just gravy

I rarely blog about work but I’m so pleased I have to share a little news. I have met my 2007 financial goals for my directorate.

I sign up to meet certain goals for sales, funding and profit for the year. It’s one of the terrific things about my job, and also one of the more stressful: I have profit and loss responsibility for my business area. My division manager, our general manager, his boss and BAE Systems stockholders (to a very small extent, but still…) count on me to meet my goals, not to mention my group of awesome engineers and scientists who want job security, opportunities for growth and interesting work. All kinds of good things happen when I meet my goals. I don’t think about it constantly, but it is something I track every month.

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve met my 2007 goals as of November 23. I wish that meant I could take fiscal December off. Instead, it means I’m still working until December 21 (plus one day!) but the financial part of it is gravy. For those who aren’t in the business world, it’s sort of like earning an A before you even get to the final exam. Wootie woot woot.

I have many more things to learn about being a Director and many more accomplishments I want to achieve but this is a really nice numerical pat on the back for myself. Thanks for humoring me by sharing in my mini-celebration. Now, on with the holiday parties!

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