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January 2022
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We received a lovely sendoff from People’s UMC today in their best tradition – with a potluck lunch, flowers, cake, and a poem by Pat.

Sue, with your sparkling eyes and contagious smile

We’ve loved you being with us all the while

We’re gathered here today to honor you and Brian

For all the things you say and do

Behind the scenes, all the work

Never a duty did either of you shirk.

Composing letters, phone calls, always always lots to do

And, God love Brian waiting patiently

Keeping track of what you were doing and where you would be.

Both of you such a joy and help to us,

Doing things quietly, without a fuss

I knew when I met you that first day

We would be friends, and that will stay that way.

Sue, you joined the cantata group

We were surely one heck of a troop!

A lovely voice, you love to sing

Our concerts, joy, to many people did bring

And all the events we planned came out fine.

With your hectic schedule you always found time.

I know you and Brian entertained at home

Your cooking skills were really well known.

Being loyal to a small church is a hard thing to do

But we always knew we could count on you.

Brian, a wonderful quiet guy

Was our Treasurer and a great one was he!

A good thing they didn’t pick someone like me…

I can’t add one and one and have it come out two;

That wouldn’t be good for me or you.

We all worked the suppers and fairs, A lot of work for all

But we put out best feet forward and really had a ball.

Now, circumstances have changed and you will move away

We really love you both and wish that you could stay.

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you

No matter where you are,

whether near or far

May God and our blessings go with you!

Love, Pat Sayward, January 29, 21012


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