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December 2021
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Catching Up

So other than dinner, what is new anyway?  Since our last post, here’s what we’ve been up to.

  • Brian canned 7 quarts of fresh peaches, his first foray into home canning, with delicious results.
  • FTSD’s awesome social chairs planned a kayaking trip to Hopkinton on August 22.  The weather was gorgeous and it was hard to think of any better way to spend the day than on the water.
  • Brian and I hiked Mt. Carrigain August 23. 
  • Brians Judd and Hone hiked Mt. Moriah August 24.  I am jealous that they saw 3 moose (a momma and two calves).  Someday I’ll see a moose.  I hope.
  • Christopher Elliot Korka was born August 23, so I visited him and his adoring family on August 25 at Mount Auburn Hospital.  He is easily the youngest baby I’ve ever held, and was very cute and calm the whole time.
  • Ron, Cara, Meredith and Bella visited Labor Day weekend (August 29 – 31).  We walked around Plum Island, did the Freedom Trail, hung out at home and explored Newburyport.  We made homemade pizza with our tomatoes, local basil and homemade ricotta (ok, it was supposed to be mozzarella, but it was still tasty, and made terrific lasagne later.  This homemade cheese thing is pretty nifty). It was so good to have them visit!  I hope to have a separate post once I get pictures together.
  • Lori and I watched the Sox win Sept 3, a sunny afternoon game.  Another great reason to play hooky from work.
  • The start of Football Season!  Sept 7 was a wonderful day.
  • Emily K and I watched the Red Sox win!  (despite a bit of rain) Sept 12
  • I found a new running buddy at work.  Soraya and I have been trying to get in a least 1 weekday workout, sometimes 2.  It’s really nice to have the motivation, not to mention someone to chat with and keep pace.  We are hoping to ramp up a bit before the snow flies.  I’ve easily doubled my mileage just having company.  Also having new clothes, a new stopwatch, and keeping track of our best 10K in NBport is a good motivator.  Brian and I keep upping the ante on one another.  The ball is in his court to beat 58:30 (taunt taunt!)

There are the highlights.  I hope to grab a few photos to add later.  Brian Hone has some great ones from their hike.

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