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January 2022
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Garden Harvest

We’ve been very pleased with the garden this year.  It has kept us in plenty of salad greens.  We are getting a handful of red bell peppers and tomatoes each week. We are on track to have plenty of red chili peppers to dry and use this winter – in fact the pepper plants “fell over” and before we could try to right them, they turned the main stem into a runner and made 4x as many peppers as expected per plant! We enjoyed the radishes, and learned to make a quick relish that is tasty as a marinade or as a topping for fish, chicken, or hotdogs.  We thinned the beets and enjoyed roasted baby beets and beet greens. We’ve had 5 or 6 pickings of green beans, and may even have one more before the end of the season!  The kale is finally taking off, and we’ve had a good bunch of swiss chard several times.  We’re also enjoying our basil and parsley, and are considering planting more fresh herbs next year.

With the exception of buying corn, cucumbers and an eggplant from farm stands, our vegetables in July and August all came from our garden.  We have carrots, parsnips, and more beets yet to come.

9/8 Update – Su wrote this in late August and Brian is updating it and posting now. Since she wrote this we’ve harvested all the lettuce and replanted spinach in its place. We planted lettuce where the radishes were. We’ve replanted fall kale where the spinach failed this summer.

The rest of the beets and carrots are going to come out soon and we’ll probably replant some more fall crops. More salad greens, late parsnips, swiss chard.

Current harvest scorecard. All number approximate:
Chili peppers – 20
Parsley – cuttings
Basil – 4 quart pickings
Lettuce – 8 quart pickings
Swiss chard – 4 quart cuttings
Beets – 25 beets and greens
Radishes – 25
Carrots – 10
Red peppers – 6
Tomatoes – 20
Green beans – 4 quart pickings

Just a few pictures of some of the harvest. Check out the strange double radish.

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