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July 2020
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Archive for 'Brian'


We received a lovely sendoff from People’s UMC today in their best tradition – with a potluck lunch, flowers, cake, and a poem by Pat. Sue, with your sparkling eyes and contagious smile We’ve loved you being with us all the while We’re gathered here today to honor you and Brian For all the things […]

Mt. Waumbek (#41) and Mt. Cabot (#42) – Great North Woods

We purposely avoided making plans for Labor Day weekend in favor of enjoying a spontaneous weekend of doing whatever we felt like doing, at our own pace. As nice as it is to have every other Friday off, I can tell you that a 4-day week is the same amount of work as a 5-day […]

Mt Isolation (#40)

As the name implies, this was a long hike, which rewarded us with one spectacular view. We chose Mt. Isolation because the weather promised to be dry for the many stream crossings, and we could get an early start for the nearly 14 mile hike (book time was >11 hours). The mountain sits below the […]

Trail Racing For the Fun of It

As members of the Essex County Greenbelt, a local conservation organization, we received their email announcement about the Run for the Hills Trail Race at the Pingree Reservation. It sounded like a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday morning so we signed up. This was a fun race for us, no pace calculations or […]

Welcoming Spring 2011

I’m ready to say that spring is here. Sure, the crocuses started blooming a few weeks ago, but it can also snow in April. Beej and I decided to take a minor short cut into spring and visit Washington, DC for a long weekend. We were missing the Kennealy crew, flights to DC were pretty […]

Hangover Classic 10K at Salisbury Beach

We decided to do a fun race to start the new year, the Winner’s Circle Running Club’s Hangover Classic 10K at Salisbury Beach. As we walked toward the beach, we noted the crowd was a mix of elite runners competing for the prize money, running club members, families running or walking together (we imagined some […]

The Fellowship of Winemaking – Part 2

Saturday dawned, the day to finally bottle the wine. Well-fed from the previous night’s dinner and feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the brave adventurers Mary and Susan were hopeful even as they ventured to the dark dusty basement in search of the winemaking supplies. They encountered previously cleaned bottles without labels, a welcome […]

Marine Corps Marathon (Brian’s take)

Susan’s post on the race covers her experience. Here are my thoughts. I ended up finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in a time of 3:55:51 which was good for 505th out of 2146 in my age group. Going in to the race I had several goals listed from what would make me most happy on […]

Grand Canyon (Finale)

We decided to start our hike out of the canyon by 6am, considering that the Bright Angel Trail is about 10 miles (vs. South Kaibab’s 7 miles) and that we expected temps on the rim to be much warmer than at the bottom of the canyon. Also, we had dinner reservations at El Tovar awaiting […]

A Tale of Two Vans (Chapter 2)

Once we saw Jamie off at the start, Van #2 went for lunch at a sub shop, which enabled us to cheer for Brian turning onto Rte 302 on Leg #2. We then continued on to Attitash, the first vehicle transition area. We scoped out what the transition areas look like – as Brian mentioned, […]