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September 2023
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Archive for 'Fitness'

Cambridgeside Half Marathon Race Report

I raced today.  Really raced.  Not just “Can I finish this distance” or “I’m going to run a comfortable pace” but “I wonder if I can get a PR today?  I wonder how fast I can run?” I signed up in August for the Cambridgeside Half Marathon, because our company’s running club decided to make it an […]

Because I love running… why I’m not running right now

When Isaac was born, I totally bought into the stories I heard about women getting back to running shortly after they gave birth.  One co-worker claimed his mom was back running the next day.  I thought I should be able to get out there and run as soon as I could, especially since I had run throughout my […]

Iceland Day 2

If you just want to see the pictures, click here! Saturday morning We had a hearty continental style breakfast including our first picked whitefish (yum!) along with more muesli and yogurt.  There was fruit and pastry and boiled eggs as well.  After fueling up it was time to hit the road. We debated taking the […]

Thanksgiving 2014 – race report

Today I met up with a friend for a Turkey Trot in Acton.  My plan was to run with my friend and see how long I could hang with him.  But since he was running with a stroller, and etiquette requires strollers start at the back of the pack, I ended up switching plans at […]

Chelmsford Lion’s Club 5K

On Saturday we ran a small local race, the Chelmsford Lion’s 5K, to benefit student athletic scholarships.  When we arrived at 9am, we tried to park at the front of the middle school, only to find that the lot was a zoo!  It was completely full, with overflow at the administrative offices also full, and […]

Shamrock 5K

We decided it would be an excellent idea to do a 5K while we’re in FL on vacation.  Brian and his sister are running a 5K per month, and this was a chance to run one together.  It’s been too long since Sarah and I have signed up for a race together, too (longer ago […]

Lowell 1st Run 10K

It was December 31, 2013. We had no plans for New Year’s Eve so after Isaac went to bed at 8pm, I caught up on some of my favorite running blogs and thought about goals for 2014.  I’ve been running five to eight miles a few times a week, and starting to feel a little […]

Westford 10K Race Report

I’ve been running “weekend warrior” style for a couple months, meaning that I rarely exercise during the work week, but I try to do at least 5 miles any day I have off work.  I have gotten up to a 10K on the bike path with Brian and Isaac in the stroller a few times. […]

100 and 44

100 At the end of April I decided to pick a goal race (Bay State Half Marathon) and set a training plan (25 weeks). The first 7 weeks are all base building, trying to get my legs used to doing the longer mileages required in later sections of the plan. I managed to hit all […]

Boston Marathon 2012

My Boston Marathon experience was as awesome as I had hoped.  It started with picking up my number at the Expo on Friday – hey, it’s official, I have a number! I pretty much immediately smelled bacon when I walked into the expo.  Running and bacon are not usually associated, but in this case the […]