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March 2007
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Archive for March, 2007

And the winner is ….

We’ve heard that we won two proposals (see Feb 5 post) and have gotten a “call back” on the white paper, which included a 3-hour briefing and cost estimate. So far, the hard work of proposal season seems to be paying off. Yay!

What’s new?

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted real content, so I’ll revert to a highlights reel. My cousin (well, my Mom’s cousin’s daughter) Michelle came to Boston to visit her friend Rekha, who recently moved to Somerville from Indy. We met up for Sunday brunch and compared notes on living in New England vs. […]

Red Sox

I was pretty happy with my Sox ticket picks. I’m always a little slow in figuring out what other people are prioritizing and wish that I’d picked something earlier, but overall I have a good mix of teams and schedule for games. April 11 vs. Seattle (In case of rain on April 10 this will […]

A new computer

If you want to know what Brian’s been up to this week:

The Ides of March have a bad rap

In some ways this was a pretty normal week – no travel, no crazy deadlines at work, nothing abnornal around the house. In the realm of small enjoyable happy events, however, it was a pretty good week. March Madness (the NCAA Div 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament) began. Brian has moved into Dan and Nate’s guest […]

A shiny new water intake valve

For at least the past year, the water intake to the upstairs toilet has been corroded. I noticed because the flapper on the back of the toilet was leaking just slowly/quietly enough to be annoying and I couldn’t turn off the water to the toilet to replace it. In addition to the apparent paranoia about […]

Too good to last

After three months of blissful silence, the spambots have found my blog. Since I moderate everything before it appears, it hasn’t mattered to the external appearance of the website, but it’s annoying for me to moderate. I’ll be turning off comments on old posts that have started to receive spam.

Babies Galore!

Brian and I decided to go visiting on Saturday. In preparation, Brian made a big batch of sausage/orzo/lentil soup and a chocolate cake on Friday. Then Saturday morning, I made a white cake and frosting while Brian made a shepherd’s pie. Armed with food to take to new parents, we headed into the city. Our […]