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February 2007
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Archive for February, 2007

Feb 28

The happy relaxed smiley feeling from the weekend is still in effect. Also, we’re both really psyched that our godson Max is a big brother! Theo Bridges Sheldon was born this morning. We can’t wait to meet him.

A Three-Day Birthday

Saturday was my birthday so I went to the spa in the morning to get a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Brian planned a romantic get-away weekend, so as soon as I got home, we hit the road on the way to Jackson, NH where we had reservations at the Inn at Ellis River. We stayed […]

Juddmansee Glacier

So our furnace is broken again. This time it’s not leaking CO, but instead the furnace shuts down after running for approximately 5 minutes. Our living room was a cool 42 degrees on Monday morning. Today was warmer at 48 for a low. Looks like our tax refund will be going towards a new, working, […]

what a nice weekend

We went show-shoeing at Bradley Palmer State Park, a good chance to practice using our new gear before we go to NH next weekend. I enjoyed seeing people at church and singing at Sunday afternoon choir practice for our Easter cantata on April 1. I caught up with Ab and Dave on Sunday night for […]


Sarah Sheldon’s last day of school was yesterday. After enduring more classes, exams, papers, readings, and academic BS than I can comprehend, Sarah has earned her Bachelor’s degree from Wellesley, a Master’s degree from BU, and a (drum roll!) MD from Boston University! Woot! Sorry I missed beers yesterday – a toast to you Doctor […]

Ship it and go home!

I have been working on a set of proposals (see Murphy’s Law post on Feb 5), during most waking hours for the past 6 weeks. One of my colleagues led one proposal – it was a great trade whereby I assigned three people to help write it and allocated an evening for reviewing a draft, […]

Who can you trust?!

Yesterday we got about 8 inches of really fine, wet snow which was very heavy to shovel. Despite not feeling very well yesterday I dutifully shoveled a one shovel wide path on the sidewalk in front of our house. Then I got up this morning to shovel out the cars so Su could get to […]

Sorry Allan and Betty

You won’t be getting your Valentine’s Day card on time because the USPS apparently didn’t learn their math. Also, why did they capitalize ‘Due’? In case the images are blurry, the stamp reads “Returned for Addil Postage Exceeds Max Standard Size 6 1/8″ x 11 1/2″ or 1/4″ Thick & Weight 1oz or Less an […]

Susan’s Current Top 5 List

The Soul Town station on Sirius radio. (Can you dig it?) Going for a run on a sunny Sunday afternoon, even if it’s chilly Pastries from the Semi-Sweet Baking Co. on Winter Street Yoga class (I missed this week because I was in DC, but it’s been great) Having a 99% complete proposal draft done

Murphy’s Law applies to proposals

I’ve been working crazy hours writing and assembing a white paper. It is the first of three big proposal/white paper deadlines this month. The good news is that it shipped by noon, and the customer confirmed receipt. This occured after: I successfully chased down 3 updates by 9:30am One of the sections was finished at […]