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April 2024
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Archive for 'Church'

Mother’s Day 2014

Today is Mother’s Day, carte blanche to do whatever I want, right? So I started by waking up at 5:30am to participate in the Walk for Peace, meeting up at church to carpool into Dorchester.  On our way, I saw the Mother Teresa church, a homage to one of one of the world’s most well known […]


We received a lovely sendoff from People’s UMC today in their best tradition – with a potluck lunch, flowers, cake, and a poem by Pat. Sue, with your sparkling eyes and contagious smile We’ve loved you being with us all the while We’re gathered here today to honor you and Brian For all the things […]

Reflecting on 2011

We’re back from our Midwestern holiday tour, which seems to pass faster every year.  Because we now live farther west, we avoided the “woogie hours” at each end, making the trip in under 12 hours each way.  In this in-between day before the festivities of New Year’s Eve, I unpacked, washed, cleaned, napped, ran, and […]

525,600 minutes

For some reason Seasons of Love from Rent has been running through my head a lot this season as I think back over the year. The first measure that comes to mind is miles. Brian has been logging his miles on the road (950 miles biked, 575 miles on foot) and meters in the pool […]

Potpourri for November

I realized it’s been a rather sparse November for our blog. What has been keeping us busy? We really enjoyed having friends come visit the Juddmansee B&B. First Mary came for cooking and games during her cousin-ween trip. We were very excited to tackle a pile of greens from the farm share, play games, and […]

Annuals and Veggies and more Perennial Gardening

Like many who had Memorial Day off work, I made use of the holiday weekend to work in the yard.  The window boxes got a fresh coat of paint and their 2009 cargo, courtesy of the Arrowhead Farm and Tendercrop Farm. Painting was more of an adventure than you might expect.  First, a minor mishap […]


April 5 was the Hopeful Cluster’s Lenten Cantata.  We adopted a Baptist from Amesbury and a Bass from Maine to add to our diversity of Methodists from the local area, singing Marty Parks’ “Worthy!”.  I would definitely recommend the piece for any church choir.  The arrangements were easy to learn, in good ranges for 4 […]

Oh taste and see that the cookies are good

It really is winter.  Even though we got our first snow on the ground just this week, and then it’s been 60 degrees and rainy the past two days.  And in fact, not only is it winter, but it is also the season of Advent.  Even though the limited holiday preparations I’ve conducted are: decorating […]

What’s New?

We have glasses. Brian got his first and he wears his more often. After 15 years of wearing contacts and letting my glasses prescription become obsolete, I finally got new glasses too. I don’t plan to wear them all the time, but I can wear them around the house or in case I need a […]

Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Lousy Smarch weather! We finally have an official legal easement between the church and our neighbors to share use of the driveway and transfer a parcel of land to the church. It has taken a long time but we’re ready to sign, and the District Superintendent gave us the go-ahead. yay! We’re still getting donations […]