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December 2010
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Archive for December, 2010

Susan’s 2011 Race Plan

As promised, it’s time to look toward 2011. I decided to draw some inspiration by catching up on what professional Hoosier born runner Amy Begley is up to, reading a few ultra runner blogs, and watching the 2010 Ironman broadcast. (Though I have to say it’s a shame they don’t cover it as a world […]

Books 2010

Wow, has it really been a year since I wrote a book related blog? Book club went on hiatus for the summer and didn’t recover, so it has been six months since we met and did anything organized, but we did meet in December to choose a book for January 2011. Rest assured that I […]

The Fellowship of Winemaking – Part 2

Saturday dawned, the day to finally bottle the wine. Well-fed from the previous night’s dinner and feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the brave adventurers Mary and Susan were hopeful even as they ventured to the dark dusty basement in search of the winemaking supplies. They encountered previously cleaned bottles without labels, a welcome […]

The Fellowship of Winemaking – Part 1

I realize that our adventures in winemaking pre-date this blog, so I’ll provide some background. Back in 1998, a master plan was hatched. The details are a bit fuzzy after more than a decade, but legend has it that Owen discovered mead, but found it hard to purchase in the area. Mary suggested he could […]