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July 2008
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Archive for July, 2008

Or-e-here, Or-e-gon!

When I left you Saturday morning we were sleeping in at Corinne and Mike’s place. The first order of business for Saturday was a tasty breakfast of homemade waffles with fresh berries. After that we took a little tour of the small town of Trout Lake and headed back to their property for a tour […]


Friday was largely a travel day from La Conner down to Trout Lake, WA via Mt. St. Helens. It’s hard to describe seeing Mt. St. Helens even after having been there. The enormity of the destruction is incredible. I remember when the mountain erupted in 1980 from stories on the news and have since seen […]

More Washington

Phew! So much has happened in the last few days and I’ve finally managed to have time to write about it. Also, we had enough free time to run to Office Max to get a USB flash card reader so we can download our photos to the laptop. On Monday after the last blog posting […]

Washington Part 1

We’re going to try to update the blog as we go along so we’re not overwhelmed by one tremendously long post at the end of our trip. Right now it’s just after noon PDT on Monday and we’ve managed to free some time to write our first update. This is Brian writing, even though I’m […]

Vacation, part one

Brian and I spent the week of June 27 – July 6 visiting our family in the midwest. To have had such a relaxing trip, it sure went fast! As has been our recent trend, we stopped partway through the drive each way, helping to maintain our sanity. Saturday: We left Saturday evening, drove as […]

Flowers in July

The flowers enjoyed our vacation, which coincided with a warm week of sunny weather and showers most afternoons in Newburyport. Brian staked the tomatoes and mowed the lawn, and snitched a couple snap peas as a reward for his work this week. We enjoyed our first fresh salads of the year. In addition to the […]