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July 2007
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Archive for July, 2007


I never really understood the joy of pie crusts until I met Susan. Growing up I rarely ate the crust of a pie, although maybe my tastes were just different than now. In any case, I love Su’s pie crusts. This year has been a bumper crop for New England blueberries so last Saturday I […]

Start slow, finish strong

Starting weight: 208 Ending weight: 207 Saturday: Bike 20 miles Sunday: Slack Monday: Slack Tuesday: Slack Wednesday: Martina Thursday: Run 5 miles Friday: Rest Not a great week, although I picked it up at the end. Susan was out of town and I tend to not pay as much attention to what I eat or […]

One step forward, one step back

Last Friday’s update… Starting weight: 209 Ending weight: 208 Saturday: Bike 21 miles Sunday: Run 7 miles Monday: Rest Tuesday: Bike 50k Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Lift Friday: Rest I feel like I’ve fallen into one of my classic downfalls over the past two weeks. I’ve been working out regularly, tracking my food intake fairly rigorously, […]

Garden Salad

I finally finished weeding the garden today. The herbs are holding their own, and two pepper plants survived. Of the four tomato plants, two have small green fruits on them and there are lots of yellow flowers. The tomatoes are staying in their cages pretty well, and the one without a cage is staying upright […]

Deep Thoughts? Or maybe just random thoughts

1. It’s surprisingly hard to just get enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food in a day, let alone in a week. A lot of our energy these days is spent on balancing these three things. You’d think after thousands of years, humans would figure this out. I don’t think we have, or at least we […]

Pickle verdict = success!

What’s with starting a pickle post with chocolate chip cookies? Just keeping you on your toes as we review a chronological account of the eating highlights from this weekend. It turns out that chocolate chip cookies are a great start to a weekend. Brian made perfect cookies as a treat on Friday night. It was […]

Not much to say

Starting weight: 211 Ending weight: 209 Saturday: Run 5k fast Sunday: Martina workout Monday: Rest Tuesday: Bike 1 hour and Martina workout Wednesday: Martina workout Thursday: Hike Mt. Hancock and South Hancock Friday: Rest

Off trail adventures

At 9am today I checked the weather report and saw CLEAR for all of today so I grabbed my pack and headed off to hike Mt. Hancock and South Hancock for my 22nd and 23rd 4000′ peaks. What the trail lacked in adequate signage and views it made up for in black flies. On the […]

The Juddmansee Midwestern Tour, Summer 2007 edition

The most notable difference in this trip to the midwest is that we didn’t drive straight through. Call us old and responsible, but we had a much more enjoyable time both going and coming by stopping in Batavia (about halfway). We got to Fort Wayne on Saturday after lunch feeling basically normal, and returned home […]

Travelling Edition

Starting weight: 213 Ending weight: 211 Saturday: Rest Sunday: Rest Monday: Run 42 minutes Tuesday: Martina workout Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Run 51 minutes Friday: Martina workout We went to the Midwest for a week and I managed to stay on a good workout schedule. The Monday run was slow, but the Thursday run picked it […]