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April 2024
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Archive for 'Uncategorized'

Sittin’ and readin’

The past two weeks Isaac has been very interested in sitting up. Ok, maybe not sitting fully under his own power, but being propped in the corner of a chair. Of course he also is interested in lurching from a sitting position onto his face which combined with his new ability to scooch means we […]

Return of the Beach Wedding

Our second beach wedding of July was between our longtime friend Emily and our new friend Jeff. In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, the wedding was special for us because we performed the ceremony. Susan was the actual officiant courtesy of a 1 day license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Brian used […]

Toledo Half Marathon and New Goals

Back in September of 2011, Susan found out her Marine Corps Marathon time from 2010 qualified her for the Boston Marathon. I had not been nearly as good as Susan about keeping in shape since the USMC Marathon and decided if I trained with her through the winter I could get back in shape and […]

Mega Mascot Madness 2011

Here’s the standard disclaimer and first paragraph from last years post: Ever since approximately 1995 my friend Mike and I have been entering an NCAA bracket based on what would happen if the mascots were forced to battle each other. The discussion is always fairly comical and it gives us something interesting to root for […]

Digging out

I’ll admit it. The snow is wearing on me. I’ve enjoyed the best local snowshoeing I’ve experienced, but the storms just seem to keep coming with no respite. Susan has been driving my car to work since it’s all wheel drive, but today was the day to dig her car out just in case I […]

Snow Day!

By noon on Tuesday, it became clear that we were going to get hit with a good amount of snow on Wednesday. Susan managed to rearrange her schedule so she could do her conference calls from home and we’d have a nice snow day around Newburyport. We were hoping that we’d get enough powdery white […]

Brian’s September Update

September was a good month for me. On the work side of things I put in more hours at the crisis center than I have in any previous month. I got to work with many new clients and also got to be involved in the grant reporting process for the first time. Additionally, I did […]

This Old Roof

One of the (frightening) joys of owning an antique house is that whenever you do work on it you’re never sure what you’ll find. Our exploration back in 2008 of the floor and walls when we were running ductwork for air conditioning was mostly innocuous with finds including very large beams, hidden shelves, and several […]

Training Update 4/12/10

Brian: Week 10 tri training update. Swim: 4950m. Bike: 20.7 mi. Run: 17.3 mi. Hiking: 3 hours. Highlights: Fast 7+ mile run, great swims, first hike of the season. Lowlights: Still struggling with motivation. Looking forward to this upcoming week — 7.5 hours of biking planned! Susan: What week is it? Got in an 8 […]

Pulled the trigger

We’ve both been considering some races for the fall as we’ve been training through the summer. Here’s the confirmed lineup. Brian is competing in the Lobsterman Triathlon in Freeport Maine, recommended by our Ironman dentist and Triathlon magazine as “the” Olympic distance triathlon to do in New England. To continue reliving my 2000 season, I’m […]