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December 2023
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Archive for 'Home'

Sprung has Spring!

I’m not sure whether the fact we still have isolated patches of snow is a testament to the amount of snow we received, the fact that we have a lot of shade in our yard, or both. In any case the danger of snow appears to have passed and it’s time to start gardening. Last […]


I’ll spare all of you the details as there was plenty written about this storm but here’s the summary from Chelmsford. It started snowing early afternoon on Friday. We got about an inch an hour and had 7 inches by 9pm. We went to bed around 11pm and there were 11+ inches so it had […]

February already?

It’s time for an update on what we were up to in January. On New Year’s Eve we said goodbye to our families and headed back to Chelmsford from Toledo. Isaac was a great traveler at two months old and slept most of the way which meant our trip was not too much longer than […]

September Recap

Where did September go? First, Football started, the beginning of the fall season for us.  We invited people over the first couple weeks, setting up two TVs and internet access for checking Fantasy scores, and enjoyed hosting the “regulars” plus a surprise visitor from out of town.   There is something familiar and comforting about […]


Moving into a new house means lots of work fixing things, building things, and decorating. Add a pregnancy to that and you get even more things to prepare! We’ve been in the process of fixing up the bedrooms this year. Flooring was completed in March and the guest rooms got painted in April and June. […]

Pool and Garden

Two activities that have kept us busy are taking care of the pool and planting the garden.  Back at the start of May, when we pulled back the cover and took a peek at the pool, it was pretty green.  Luckily Brian had scheduled “Pool School” at the advice of friends in Pelham.  Between their […]

Raised Beds

Both Susan and I grew up with fond memories of home gardens. In Newburyport we had a small back yard with two small 3′ by 6′ patches of soil which we grew food in a few years we lived there. They were less of a garden and more of a patch of dirt we were […]

Moving on

You’ll note that there’s not been a house-related update since we put our house on the market in May.  Suffice it to say that we’ve been disappointed with progress toward selling our home in Newburyport, which culminated this week in hiring a new realtor and adjusting the price substantially.  We are hopeful that we’re now […]

It’s just like work week!

Once we decided to put our house on the market, life changed a bit. Suddenly we wanted all those little projects we’d been putting off to have been done last year. We immediately started cleaning and de-cluttering the first floor, and made a list of things we needed to do. The first weekend we completely […]

One thing leads to another

For years we’ve been considering a kitchen and bathroom renovation. When a key benefit of staying in a hotel is the ability to shower without water blasting Beej right on top of his head, you start thinking about ways to make it an every day occurrence. Our kitchen counters are well worn, and the cabinets […]