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June 2020
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I’ll spare all of you the details as there was plenty written about this storm but here’s the summary from Chelmsford. It started snowing early afternoon on Friday. We got about an inch an hour and had 7 inches by 9pm. We went to bed around 11pm and there were 11+ inches so it had picked up. When I woke up at 6am there was about 18 inches on the back deck. I checked the radar and decided to wait it out before trying to dig out. By 10am the snow had pretty much stopped and the winds had died enough that it made sense to start the snowblower. Thankfully we kept power the entire time. Final total in a relatively drift free spot was 21 inches.

I’ve used the snowblower twice now for about an hour each time. We could get both cars out if we needed to but I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. The turnaround by the garage is particularly painful to clear because the snow swirls against the garage, bushes, and fence. I’ll have to go out at least one more time to clean up the blowing and drifting.

We decided to dress Isaac up and take some photos with him and his first big snow storm. He’s a tad young to enjoy it right now, but Su and I will certainly be snowshoeing and cross country skiing over the next few days.

Why are they putting these flannel jammies on over my clothes?

This blue bomber hat is AWESOME!

Why are they dressing me up like a smurf (whatever that is)

Only 21 inches? I was taller than that at birth!

This will be awesome when I can sit up by myself!

New stimulus, must react like I do to every new sensation. Close my eyes and DROOL!

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