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April 2024
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Archive for 'Friends'

Finally Forty-Eight part 1 (peaks 1-12)

On August 31, 2013, I hiked my 48th 4000 foot peak in the White Mountains. The AMC has a list of the peaks over 4000 feet and hiking all of them will get you in the club. The club was started in 1957 and welcomed its 10,000th member in 2012. I’m sure more people have […]

Summer 2013

Oh dear, what happened since May?  June and July have been well documented on our flickr account but we’ve gotten pretty lax in our blogging. Water:  We opened the pool at the beginning of May, and all 3 of us really enjoyed the water thanks to the heater we put in this year.  Isaac started […]

South Carolina Day 2 – Fort Sumter

Day 2 started perfectly with everyone, including Isaac, sleeping in. We woke up, had breakfast, and checked the schedule for Fort Sumter tours. Fort Sumter is only reachable by ferry so we had an actual schedule to keep. Isaac made things adventurous by having a diaper blowout in the car on the way to the […]

Six Weeks Old

We’ve had a lovely time the last few weeks; it’s hard to believe that 6 weeks have already passed since Isaac’s birth.  He was 10 lbs 15 oz and 23 inches long at his 1 month checkup.  He is able to hold up his head when he concentrates and has been finding his thumb more […]

September Recap

Where did September go? First, Football started, the beginning of the fall season for us.  We invited people over the first couple weeks, setting up two TVs and internet access for checking Fantasy scores, and enjoyed hosting the “regulars” plus a surprise visitor from out of town.   There is something familiar and comforting about […]

Vacation in Monterey

Mary and Craig got married in July, and invited us to spend a week with them at Asilomar to share in the wedding festivities.  We really enjoyed seeing friends from college, some of whom we’d not seen in 15 years!  We also met some of Craig’s friends from his high school days who were fascinating […]

Montreal Getaway

For several years we’ve talked about heading to Canada for a weekend getaway. We’ve mostly discussed taking a ferry over to Nova Scotia or heading to Quebec City which we’ve heard is full of old world charm. Now that our friend Dan is making regular trips to Montreal we decided to tag along and do […]

It’s just like work week!

Once we decided to put our house on the market, life changed a bit. Suddenly we wanted all those little projects we’d been putting off to have been done last year. We immediately started cleaning and de-cluttering the first floor, and made a list of things we needed to do. The first weekend we completely […]

Welcoming Spring 2011

I’m ready to say that spring is here. Sure, the crocuses started blooming a few weeks ago, but it can also snow in April. Beej and I decided to take a minor short cut into spring and visit Washington, DC for a long weekend. We were missing the Kennealy crew, flights to DC were pretty […]

Half at the Hamptons 2011

This year’s event was intentionally different than last year. First off, I ran half as many miles in the two months leading up to the event, in large part due to snow that encouraged snowshoeing and prevented safe running, as well as work demands on my schedule; I was definitely not out for a PR […]