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June 2020
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September Recap

Where did September go?

First, Football started, the beginning of the fall season for us.  We invited people over the first couple weeks, setting up two TVs and internet access for checking Fantasy scores, and enjoyed hosting the “regulars” plus a surprise visitor from out of town.   There is something familiar and comforting about a little chill in the air, a couch full of friends, having a cold beer (or in my case, the non-alcoholic version), yelling at the TV and ordering delivery in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

Our friend Mary visited us for a few days after her sister’s wedding.  I fear that the R&R at chez Juddmansee didn’t prevent her from getting a cold, but we still had a nice time hiking in the woods, playing games, cooking together, and talking.  We went to the Sox/Yankees game before dropping her off at the next stop in her New England tour.  Speaking of Red Sox, Brian also went to a game with Dan.  Now we can officially call this season “over” and hope for a better outcome next year.

We also enjoyed Dan’s Pig Roast, a now annual event, which always promises great company and tasty pork.  This year the pig was roasted to a higher temperature and it was simply delicious.  Check out Brian carving the tasty swine here.  We tried the tongue, which is evidently a delicacy in some parts of the world.  Yum.

We officially changed baby delivery plans, and are now working with Kim Lueders.  We interviewed her when considering a doula, and through the course of getting to know her, several more dis-satisfying encounters with our “new” OB practice, and researching home birth, we decided that hiring Kim as our midwife was the right choice for us.   We’ve had two great appointments so far and look forward to meeting the rest of the team in a few weeks.   We also took a preparation for childbirth class with  my yoga instructor; we both came away relaxed and comfortable, and now Brian knows why I come home in such a serene state every Tuesday night.  At 35 weeks, I’m still feeling terrific, and the pregnancy continues to be normal and healthy.

September also went quickly because I was in DC the past week.  It was my last business trip for a few months, where I got to present at a conference .  It was great to see friends and colleagues, but I’m happy to be home after a long 5 days, successfully navigating airports and weather delays in the process.

So now we embark on October!

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