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May 2007
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Archive for May, 2007

Equipment Upgrades

Since I got home at a reasonable hour on Friday, Brian and I had time to go shopping. First on our list was a new grill. We had been using a hand-me-down that I got from a co-worker circa 1998. It had done good strong work, but by last year, it only worked on one […]

Back on the hiking wagon

Today Su and I hiked Mt. Jackson (4050′) in Crawford Notch in the White Mountains. This was my 19th of 48 4000′ peaks and the first one I’ve hiked since last October. Here are pictures of the trip. We got up at 5:00 this morning and hit the trailhead at about 8:30. The trail was […]

Is two days a trend?

It’s been a yo-yo past year and a half for my health. On my birthday back in 2005 I was at my all time heaviest weight of 231.5 pounds. Through diligent dieting and exercise I had my weight down to 192 pounds on August 7, 2006. This was my lowest body weight since I ran […]

Visiting Sherry, Stuart and Elliot

One wonderful perk to my excessive recent traveling was getting to visit the Wiffens in San Diego. I’ve been eager to get out to see them since they moved from England, but kept procrastinating on buying a ticket myself when I knew that a large BAE site was there and I might get sent by […]

Ending Vacation with a Garden Tour

One drawback of spending all day listening to jazz is the lack of opportunities to see the rest of New Orleans. Brian and I had planned to head home later on Monday to allow ourselves a little time for sight-seeing. We ate breakfast in the hotel, packed up, checked our bags and headed to the […]

Day 3: Hitting Our Stride

On Sunday, we finally got it right. First we decided not to go out Saturday for the 1am show. Even though Trombone Shorty was tempting, the promise of a good night’s sleep and getting up to do some exploring won out. We were able to get up at a more leisurely pace, have some breakfast […]

Day 2: Slow and Uneventful

Two things were immediately obvious on Saturday. First, it was hot. Humid and 90 degrees, making the heat index “sweltering”. Second, there were a lot of people. The rain was gone and it was a weekend, thus many more people were packed into the fairgrounds. We were slathered with sunscreen, which somehow made the dust […]

Nomo and Ozomatli

We followed John Fehlner’s lead on Friday night and went to the Republic to hear Ozomatli. Dan had never heard them, but said John had never led him astray, and we now have to agree. We got there early enough to pick virtually any spot in the place – Dan, Nate, Brian and I headed […]

Jazz Fest Day 1: The Deluge

First, Dan’s Tabblo with some of the highlights from Thursday and Friday: We made it to the Fest around 11:30 to hear the first set of bands. Dan suggested that we arrive famished because the food is really good. We agreed. First we grabbed jambalaya and shrimp gumbo, a Rose Mint tea and headed […]

Brass Bands and Dirty Old Men

Our Thursday night tickets were for a pair of brass bands at Tipitina’s Uptown. The club had a bronze bust of Professor Long Hair, so we could rub his head as we entered, and then a giant picture of him behind the stage. There were also several of the same wooden mural of a hand […]