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March 2009
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Archive for March, 2009

Exercise, Travel and Home updates

Exercise:  We registered for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon with our friend Heather, and we’re officially halfway there as of today based on training runs.  Brian and I booked 6.8 miles today, our first run over 6.5 miles this season.  It was a bit cloudy but reasonably warm for March.  We’ve been enjoying the hills […]

What is HR 875 – Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 really?

Food and health are two topics that are very important to me. Over the past century I believe the average person has lost track of how food is produced and consumed in this country. By losing track of this process I believe we’ve become dependent on large businesses to feed us to the detriment of […]

Mascot Madness

As some of you know each year a few of my friends and I enter a bracket of mascot picks in the NCAA tournament. These picks are generally terrible, but they’re great fun to discuss and they give you something to cheer for once your own sorry picks have been eliminated. The basic rule is […]

Sox tix time

Yesterday was the annual season ticket lottery for the Red Sox tickets we share with friends. This year we were picking #2 so we ended up with a nice weekend Yankees game in August rather than a random Tuesday night in April. Here are the games we have: 4/9 TB (opening series day game) 4/21 […]

Happy birthday Miss Su!

Here is the video of my birthday song. What a wonderful serenade from Max and Theo! (And Dan and Sarah and Beej)

Signs of Spring

Despite our snow storm on Monday, it did feel like spring by this weekend. the snow is nearly all melted. (And yes the church next door cleared a path through the snow mountain without us having to complain) the crocuses are up! Slinky caught mouse #2, cornered behind our TV trays.  Smaller this time, and […]

How rude!

We’ve lived in our house for nearly eight years now and the church next door has been a pretty decent neighbor. One area that has bothered me over the past three or four years is their snow removal. About 50% of the time whoever is snow blowing for them leaves a pile of snow on […]