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June 2007
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Archive for June, 2007

Pet Peeve

I have many pet peeves, probably too many. A frequent subject of ranting on this blog is the supermarket which is usually good for some enragement/humor value. However, today’s pet peeve is a serious one and not particularly humorous, especially since I have a lot of friends with young kids. Bicycle Safety! We’ve made a […]

I can run 10k again!

Starting weight: 215 Ending weight: 213 Saturday: Bike 1:20 and Martina workout Sunday: Run 10k Monday: Rest Tuesday: Martina workout Wednesday: Martina workout Thursday: Rest Friday: Run 10k and Martina workout Su already posted about our workouts last weekend. The 10k run on Sunday was the longest I’ve run I ran 10k on May 17, […]

Email subscriptions are live

I’ve added email subscriptions to the blog. If you want to get an email notification when there is a new post, you can enter your email address in the box to the right, click Subscribe, and follow the instructions in the box that pops up. Once you sign up there will an email sent to […]

A Grand Slam Weekend

We had a terrific weekend! Very productive and still very relaxing. Friday: Susan enjoyed “beer time” with co-workers after work. Traffic wasn’t bad on the way home. Brian stocked up at the grocery store and even picked up a few extra items from around town. We made spicy fish stew (think Portuguese influence) with salmon […]


Starting weight: 215 Ending weight: 215 Saturday: Rest Sunday: Martina workout Monday: Martina workout Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes Wednesday: Martina workout Thursday: Hike North and South Kinsman Friday: Rest On Thursday Brian Hone and I hiked the Kinsmans in Franconia Notch. I hiked North Kinsman in 1999 with Chris and Tenille, but I didn’t note […]

6/16 Garden Update – Beans and Roses

The beans have sprouted! (Of course, I took a photo of the best bean sprout – but at least half of them are up, of both varieties.) The garden needs water (it was a dry week and I was in San Diego) but so far all the plants are looking happy. I have my first […]

The scale, she is a movin’

Starting weight: 218 Ending weight: 215 Saturday: Walk 45 minutes Sunday: Run 30 minutes Monday: Martina workout Tuesday: Run 40 minutes Wednesday: Martina workout Thursday: Hike Carter Dome Friday: Rest I knew good things would happen. I controlled portion size very well while in Indiana and had a good week eating healthy foods at home. […]

Number 20

10.2 miles + 5 hours 15 minutes + 3800 feet of elevation gain = Carter Dome (and Mt. Hight) as my 20th of the 48 4000′ peaks in New Hampshire. I started along the 19 mile brook trail, hiked up to Carter Lakes, and then did the incredibly steep ascent to Carter Dome. I normally […]

Grandma and Grandpa’s 70th Anniversary

Brian and I traveled to Indiana this past weekend for a once-in-a-lifetime event: celebrating a 70th anniversary. To put this in perspective, Brian and I have been married 61 months, less than 1/13th as long. The people who make up those traditional themes for each anniversary stop at 60. My grandparents, age 88 and 91, […]

Wanderrrrrrrr Indianerrrrrrrr

Starting weight: 218 Ending weight: 218 Saturday: Martina workout Sunday: Rest Monday: Rest Tuesday: Martina workout Wednesday: Bike 45 minutes Thursday: Rest Friday: Walk 45 minutes A decent week overall. Monday was an unscheduled day off, but I worked out Tuesday and Wednesday so I didn’t let the routine slip. On Thursday we went to […]