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April 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

Random Updates

It’s been a week. – I am ecstatic to report that I successfully briefed someone else’s slides with less than 12 hours of notice (10:30pm notification that colleague was stuck in Texas to 8am meeting, and I did sleep). It’s a minor milestone in building my marketing, technology breadth and adaptation skills, and went off […]

Yay for a piano and spring cleaning

Despite Brian’s cold, we decided today was the day to get the Sheldon’s piano. First we did a thorough cleaning and re-organization of the living room to figure out where we were going to put it. We pulled up the braided rug, took most everything out of the room, and did lots of vacuuming and […]

My middle school principal was right

Nick Karanovich, Principal of Memorial Park Middle School (he introduced himself that way, as if that were his full name), liked to boast about who his students would become. As a fine arts magnet school, he always believed we’d turn out to be the next generation of writers, singers, actors, and educators. (I’m sure engineers […]

On the road again

When I became a Section Lead, people advised me about how much I’d have to travel. I didn’t notice any major upswing, though I did go on a few more customer trips. When I became a Director, my colleagues were more cautionary, “Now you’ll REALLY be on the road a lot.” But I actually travelled […]

Temporary Bachelor-ette-hood

I have been on my own since Brian left on Tuesday morning for the vowel states. After three full days, I’ve noticed the following: Slinky meowed insistently on Wednesday morning. He barely moved from his chair on Thursday morning. Friday morning he meowed to make sure I was up, but then let out only a […]

Not quite ready for the next phase

The Sheldons and Juddmansees have had many fun weekends in Newburyport over the past 5 years. We’ve enjoyed late nights of sipping wine, eating cheese, playing games, and talking about the stuff you can’t talk about with anyone else, and this has continued fairly seamlessly even after Max was born. In some ways it’s even […]

Running errands around town, and a new tasty application of Coconut Marshmallows

Saturday morning was spent running errands around town – literally. I wanted to get some exercise and fresh air but I wanted to get a bunch of things done before the Sheldons arrived in the early afternoon. So, I put on my running clothes, laced up my shoes, and headed off. First I ran up […]

Birthday Celebrations

Mike and Dan both had birthdays this week so Amory planned dinner on Friday evening at the Green Street Grill to celebrate. The atmosphere was cozy but clean, the food was excellent, and we had a great time telling stories and talking. Dan brought Tabblo photo cubes – one especially for Mike, and another of […]