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February 2009
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Archive for February, 2009

Turning 34

Well, here it is, my birthday! I feel wonderfully loved and celebrated from all the cards, emails, phone calls and happy wishes. The Sheldons are staying with us this week, so I even got a happy birthday from my godson Max this morning before I went to work. I’m sad that I have succumbed to […]

I spoke too soon

Well, I jinxed myself. After crowing about the terrific snow we’ve had, this week was warm, sunny, and had sufficient rain that most of the snow is now gone. Me and my big mouth. On the other hand, that means there is plenty of dry pavement and thus I can run outside. Between a busy […]

Snowshoe Season 09

Snowshoeing this season has been fantastic.  While everyone else is bemoaning the weekly snows and sub-freezing temps, I’ve been cheering!  New snow every week!  No freezing and thawing to cause crusty snow!  Finally, the season for which I bought my snowshoes! And even better – all this MA snow has meant that snowshoeing is plentiful […]

Superbowl Bacon Explosion

Several days before the Superbowl I was reading the New York Times online and came across an interesting article about something called the bacon explosion. I wasn’t too excited about either of the teams in the Superbowl this year but I still wanted an excuse to hang out with friends and have some fun so […]


What happened to this week?  It has included a lot of networking, career pondering and research, and work work work for me.  A trip to DC on Monday, digging into a troubled project, and then attending an all-day off site management meeting yesterday were some highlights.  It was fun, but now I’m truly exhausted.  Even […]