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June 2020
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February already?

It’s time for an update on what we were up to in January. On New Year’s Eve we said goodbye to our families and headed back to Chelmsford from Toledo. Isaac was a great traveler at two months old and slept most of the way which meant our trip was not too much longer than pre-child times. When we got back we did the math and realized Isaac had been on our Midwestern road trip for over 20% of his life. Yikes! Here’s Isaac in his snazzy travelling outfit.

Two months old

The second week of January marked Susan’s return to full time work and my start as a full time father in addition to general homemaker. Everyone survived the abrupt changes this new phase marked and now that we’re a month in, things have settled into a happy (if tiring) semi-routine. Of course we’d always welcome more time together as a family but the bills don’t pay themselves and dinner doesn’t cook itself!

The middle of the month was marked by our friend Jeff’s 40th birthday. He rented a castle in southern New Hampshire and invited many of his friends to join him for the weekend for games, food, watching football, etc. Isaac made an appearance Saturday night to be doted on by friends before heading home with Susan.

The following week brought Isaac’s 2 month pediatrician appointment and his first shots. Of course he did well while I got sick after he got his shots. I thought he was supposed to have the compromised immune system after immunizations… He is still in the 99th percentile for height and dropped back to the mid 60s for weight. He is a tall, slim boy.

Isaac also has increased mobility. He hasn’t rolled over yet despite trying, but by pushing with his legs and waving his arms he manages to scoot around when he needs to. We’ve found him wedged into the corner of his crib several times and I was very surprised one time when I returned to check on him on the playmat and found the following…

How’d I get over here?

The end of the month brought a return to our “to do” list of things to fix/modify/decorate around the house. Last year we put new floors and carpet in all the upstairs bedroom and managed to paint all of the bedrooms except our master. The previous owners had a striped, green wall with floral trim motif that was a bit cool and busy for our tastes. Here’s the bedroom before:

Master bedroom before we bought it

We chose a warmer yellow/tan earth tone to compliment the new wood floors and our comforter cover. Susan (and Isaac) did the priming and first coats while Brian did all the taping and final coats.

Susan priming the walls

Isaac helping out

We still have some things to do like finishing the registers, getting a headboard for the bed, valances, and adding some art to the bare wall but already it feels like a warmer, more comfortable space.

A much warmer color

Walls are done

This weekend I felt I had been cooped up long enough and despite the cold weather put together the jogging stroller to take Isaac out for a spin. As usual when strapped in to a moving object Isaac calmed down and stared at the scenery while Susan and I jogged the neighborhood. He held his head up really well for three months old and I’m hoping it warms up and melts the bike path so I can start running with Isaac.

Time to run with daddy

Finally, here’s a picture of Isaac on his last day as a two month old. This is probably the last time he’ll get to wear his Mickey onesie as he’s outgrown his newborn wardrobe.

Three months old!

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