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January 2020
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Brian’s September Update

September was a good month for me. On the work side of things I put in more hours at the crisis center than I have in any previous month. I got to work with many new clients and also got to be involved in the grant reporting process for the first time. Additionally, I did my normal share of court days. It’s a good thing I put in a lot of September hours because we’re going to be travelling so much in October I won’t be able to keep up that schedule.

On the fitness front, September was also an awesome month. We raced in two different races (see previous blog entries) and had a great time with both of them. Marathon training continues to progress well. September marked a new high for me with 193.3 miles run. I ran 23 of the 30 days which works out to an average of running a 10k every day.

September also marked a weight loss milestone for me. On September 6 I weighed in at 192.4 pounds which is the least I’ve weighed since running my first marathon 10 years ago (and the least I’ve weighed since being married). On September 23 my average weight went to 191.4 which is a 40.1 pound loss from my peak of 231.5 back in 2005. I’ve tried to find pictures of me at 220+ pounds but as far as I can tell I didn’t let anyone take my picture. The closest I found was me at 213 pounds on a hike with Susan. I then took another picture of myself in the same tank for comparison. I shudder to think how I looked at 230 pounds…

What a difference 22 pounds makes

What a difference 22 pounds makes

I don’t really have a weight loss final goal. I’d like to get to 186.5 so my BMI (despite its limitations) will be in the normal range. I haven’t been actively dieting or counting calories once I got below 200, either. All the weight loss this season has been due to exercise and generally good eating habits. I’m hoping my body will settle in at a nice natural weight as I continue to exercise.

October should be a fun month. We will be going to the Grand Canyon in the middle and at the end will be racing in the USMC Marathon. We’ve been specifically training for this since the end of June and we’ll finally get to see if we can run our goal time of 3:45:00.

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