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June 2020
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Digging out

I’ll admit it. The snow is wearing on me. I’ve enjoyed the best local snowshoeing I’ve experienced, but the storms just seem to keep coming with no respite. Susan has been driving my car to work since it’s all wheel drive, but today was the day to dig her car out just in case I needed to get somewhere during the day. I snapped a few shots of the situation.

We’re luckier than most because we live on a state route, the plows actually remove the snow rather than just plowing it onto our sidewalk. Even so, the pile on our sidewalk is nearing Jeep height.

Not nearly as bad as most of the town

Not nearly as bad as most of the town

All the doors on the back of the house are buried in 3 to 5 foot drifts or iced shut so to get into the back yard I had to use snowshoes, hop a fence, and walk through the church yard.
Snowshoes required

Snowshoes required

A lot of our friends are having ice dam problems leading to leaks in their roofs. While we don’t have any leaks thanks to replacing our roof last year, we do have an ice wall that stretches from eaves to ground. When I took this shot my head was above roofline.
Ice dam? Try ice waterfall.

Ice dam? Try ice "waterfall."

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