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July 2020
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Archive for 'Friends'

The Fellowship of Winemaking – Part 2

Saturday dawned, the day to finally bottle the wine. Well-fed from the previous night’s dinner and feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the brave adventurers Mary and Susan were hopeful even as they ventured to the dark dusty basement in search of the winemaking supplies. They encountered previously cleaned bottles without labels, a welcome […]

The Fellowship of Winemaking – Part 1

I realize that our adventures in winemaking pre-date this blog, so I’ll provide some background. Back in 1998, a master plan was hatched. The details are a bit fuzzy after more than a decade, but legend has it that Owen discovered mead, but found it hard to purchase in the area. Mary suggested he could […]

Thanksgiving 2010

The Dunn family invited us to join them for Thanksgiving this year. We brought our now standard Pumpkin Roll, which you can see in the photo below of Nolan with the whipped cream. This one is Brian’s request, a tradition from his Aunt Sally, that was made with the farm share pumpkin this year. We […]

Grand Canyon (Finale)

We decided to start our hike out of the canyon by 6am, considering that the Bright Angel Trail is about 10 miles (vs. South Kaibab’s 7 miles) and that we expected temps on the rim to be much warmer than at the bottom of the canyon. Also, we had dinner reservations at El Tovar awaiting […]

July highlights

We had a busy but enjoyable July. We started with our traditional vowel state tour, leaving July 2 in our new Subaru Forester and staying in Batavia en route to Edon Ohio for a family reunion. It was great to see everyone, play lots of cards, go running, and cool off in the pond. A […]

Mega Mascot Madness 2010

MIDWEST Lehigh Mountain Hawks kill Kansas Jayhawks hawk vs. hawk appears to be a tough choice, but reading the jayhawk wiki clinches it “The Jayhawk is a mythical cross between two birds — the noisy blue jay and the quiet sparrow hawk.” Northern Iowa Panthers eat UNLV Rebels Normally armed humans beat animals but in […]

2/8/10 – week 2

Brian’s update: Week 2 of training complete. Ran 15.6 miles. Biked 27.7 miles. Swam 5100m. Long ride pushed off until tomorrow so bike miles are low. Highlights: Excellent fast 100 sets in pool and a nice long run with Su. Lowlight: Skipped Tuesday workout so had to double up some days. Susan’s update: Week two […]

48 hours in Las Vegas = Big Win!

We just returned from a fabulous and somewhat surreal trip to Vegas. When asked “did you do anything fun this weekend?” most colleagues don’t expect me to say that between leaving work at 5pm on Friday and attending a division management meeting on Monday morning, I went to Vegas. It was a bit of a […]

525,600 minutes

For some reason Seasons of Love from Rent has been running through my head a lot this season as I think back over the year. The first measure that comes to mind is miles. Brian has been logging his miles on the road (950 miles biked, 575 miles on foot) and meters in the pool […]

Potpourri for November

I realized it’s been a rather sparse November for our blog. What has been keeping us busy? We really enjoyed having friends come visit the Juddmansee B&B. First Mary came for cooking and games during her cousin-ween trip. We were very excited to tackle a pile of greens from the farm share, play games, and […]