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July 2020
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Archive for 'Church'

132, make that 264, Fewer Families with Malaria

Tonight, the People’s United Methodist Church and the Girl Scout Troop we host held a fundraiser for Nothing but Nets. The organization is seeking to purchase nets, distribute them to families in Africa, and “cover the continent” to prevent the spread of malaria, and ultimately to save lives. It was great on so many levels. […]

The Advent of Good Things?

I knew this week that things would have to change a bit. No way could I look at December’s schedule, reflect on the last week, and think that this trend could continue for the rest of the year (which, mind you, is one month). I had some significant signs of anxiety. Everywhere I turned, the […]

What a Nice Weekend, Again

Ok, this isn’t a novel title, but I’m not feeling very witty. We didn’t make any big plans for the weekend, but we had a string of fun activities that made for a nice end to the summer season. Friday evening we hosted friends from church for our Natural Church Development kickoff. After enjoying Brian’s […]

“Caroling, caroling, caroling, caroling….

Christmas time is here!” On Friday evening a group from church went caroling around the neighborhood. I had been listening to carols and holiday songs in the car all week to get into the spirit, since we’ve had no snow accumulation and it feels more like April than December. Last year, we had extremely icy […]