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June 2020
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Archive for 'Food'

525,600 minutes

For some reason Seasons of Love from Rent has been running through my head a lot this season as I think back over the year. The first measure that comes to mind is miles. Brian has been logging his miles on the road (950 miles biked, 575 miles on foot) and meters in the pool […]

Potpourri for November

I realized it’s been a rather sparse November for our blog. What has been keeping us busy? We really enjoyed having friends come visit the Juddmansee B&B. First Mary came for cooking and games during her cousin-ween trip. We were very excited to tackle a pile of greens from the farm share, play games, and […]

Sights and Tastes of Fall

It’s the last week of our summer season at the CSA, which means that most of the vegetable offerings have turned to squash and potatoes. The nice part is that we don’t have to eat through the entire share each week, because these items will last for weeks or even months in a cool, well-ventilated […]

Fall Harvest – new foods

For most of the summer we’ve been enjoying our farm share, and rarely venturing out of the realm of known foods.  Sure, we generally don’t buy swiss chard or kale or chinese cabbage as often as we get it at the farm, but we’ve had plenty of those foods before.  It’s more of a case […]

More good food

One day while chatting in the library we looked outside and noticed something exciting! Our peppers started to turn red!  I had been wondering if I had enough patience to let them turn red – I picked one green just to see how hot it was, and then kept my fingers crossed that they would […]

Pickles and Dilly Beans

We combined our Juddmansee forces for pickling this weekend.  Brian had put up peaches last year, so was familiar with the canning process.  I had done sun pickles in the past, but hadn’t graduated from pickles that can be stored in the refrigerator to long-term shelf-table preservation.  Inspired by our CSA’s recipes, falling a bit […]

So many F words!

Su pointed out that I had not blogged in a while so the task fell to me today.  I think that F words make a lovely theme for my first blog post in nearly two months. Fathers! – First off Happy Fathers Day to both of our dads. Neither of us would be who we are […]

Yard work time

Temperatures in the upper 60s, plenty of sun, and more good weather expected can only mean one thing. It’s yard work time again! Earlier this week we got our email update from Arrowhead Farm CSA reminding us that the early spring shares were going out, everyone with a share could pick up a living salad […]

What is HR 875 – Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 really?

Food and health are two topics that are very important to me. Over the past century I believe the average person has lost track of how food is produced and consumed in this country. By losing track of this process I believe we’ve become dependent on large businesses to feed us to the detriment of […]

Superbowl Bacon Explosion

Several days before the Superbowl I was reading the New York Times online and came across an interesting article about something called the bacon explosion. I wasn’t too excited about either of the teams in the Superbowl this year but I still wanted an excuse to hang out with friends and have some fun so […]