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June 2019
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So many F words!

Su pointed out that I had not blogged in a while so the task fell to me today.  I think that F words make a lovely theme for my first blog post in nearly two months.

Fathers! – First off Happy Fathers Day to both of our dads. Neither of us would be who we are today without the love and influence of our fathers in our lives.

Family! – We finally got Su’s work schedule settled enough to make plans for our annual July 4 trip to the midwest. Su has a customer meeting the week we were hoping to be in the midwest so we had to push it back a week.  We’ll be in Ohio/Indiana from the 3rd through the 10th. At the end of a trip I am competing in my first triathlon. With the added time constraints we will be flying this time instead of our normal driving trip. You hear that family? This means we have no trunk space to haul things back to Massachusetts!

Friends! – This was a good week for catching up with many old friends. Su was in Stanford taking some classes for the week as she did in March. While she in California she managed to see our friend Mary for some tasty German food and she also managed to have dinner with the Pitchers on Friday night before she had to head off to the airport for the redeye back to Boston.

While Su was in California cavorting and learning I was left home alone. While she was gone I saw the Hones for a trip to the local swimming pond and a cookout. On Wednesday evening I headed into Boston to have a very large serving of Redbones BBQ pork, chicken, and beef and catch up with Dan Dunn and Mike Ismert.

On Saturday morning I picked Su up after her redeye so that we could attend Carrie and Rod’s garden reception for their recent marriage. Unfortunately we were unable to get to Vegas for the pre-celebration or to Wisconsin for the wedding, so there was no way we were going to miss helping them celebrate in Newburyport. We got to catch up with friends from town while enjoying Carrie’s beautiful, blooming backyard.

Fitness! – Since running the half marathon two weeks ago Su and I have both kept up with our exercise schedules. I am currently training for my first triathlon which is now in three weeks. For the past 3 months I’ve been swimming 3x a week and taking a swim lesson every 2 weeks to work on my form. I feel so much more comfortable in the water. Last Sunday I did my first open water swim with Brian Hone playing lifeguard. Open water swimming in a cool, semi-murky pond is certainly different than in the lap pool at the Y. The biggest issue I had was the swim cap, actually. It was very disorienting to have the cap covering my ears so I mostly swam without it. Once I took it off I was very comfortable in the water and had a great swim. I think with a few more trips to the pond I’ll be ready for the race.

I’ve been somewhat neglecting my bike riding because of concentrating of running (for the half marathon) and swimming (for not drowning). This week I managed to sneak in two very nice rides. On Wednesday I put my bike in the car and headed to Kittery, Maine for a nice ride up the coast to Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. The ride ended up being 25 miles roundtrip on rolling coastal hills. At the lighthouse I stopped for a lobster roll and root beer before heading back to the car.

I’ve managed to keep losing weight at a nice steady pace. This past week my weight loss has accelerated which I’m not complaining too much about. I’ve actually been eating more food than before I started losing weight but I’m exercising so much more the weight is coming off. As of today I’m at 205 down from a peak of 225 this winter.  I’m aiming for roughly 185 so I’m about halfway there, yay!

Su managed to keep up on her running this week in California as well. She ran several 6 to 8 mile runs up into the Los Altos Hills which certainly was different scenery and terrain than we have in New England. When she got back on Saturday we managed to work in a 12 mile run in to Plum Island and around the local farms. Depending on how the running goes this summer we may attempt to run a marathon again in October. It’s been 9 years since our last marathon so it seems like maybe it’s time to run another.

Food! – In addition to the aforementioned German food and Redbones, this week was the first week of our vegetable share from our CSA at Arrowhead Farm. We received 7 bunches of lettuce and had our choice of four additional vegetables. We picked beets, scallions, red swiss chard, and radishes. Su was happy to pass on the ‘pick-ur-own’ peas. We made a salad with our veges last night and have some ideas for what to do with most of the rest. We do need suggestions for what to do with that much lettuce. If anyone has any suggestions, we’d be glad to hear them.

Fresh salad

Fresh salad

Fenway! – We’ll be there today (if the weather cooperates) seeing the Red Sox play the Braves.

Fun! – Everything in this post has been fun. I just wanted to use one more F word before being Finished!


Comment from Eric Brown
Time: June 23, 2009, 10:10 am

So, how bad do the Red Sox have to get before I can visit you guys up that way and we can get in for tickets. I think while they are in First it might be hard to pick up an extra couple of tickets.

See you in a few weeks.

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