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June 2020
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Getting Ready

At 37 weeks we met the second midwife on the team, made sure everything on the birth kit checklist had been assembled, and went through the plan for when to call and what is likely to happen during birth and the following few days.

Our friends threw us a party last weekend, a mix of typical shower fare of nice tea, finger sandwiches and bite-sized desserts, with overalls and mason jars for the “Cletus” theme.  CletusFest was a fun preparation for baby’s arrival, with lots of advice and a practical array of gifts, which as requested were in most cases gently used by the experienced parents in the bunch.  We are so fortunate to have generous friends and family!

We just passed the 38 week gestation mark.  When asked once again whether I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions or feeling any different, I said no.  Then when Kim was checking out the baby’s position, she noticed that my abdomen was very hard – pointing out that I was having one right then!  So now I know what they feel like, and I’m trying to do a better job hydrating (especially at work).  But it’s also comforting to know that my body’s getting ready for labor.  We’re excited that baby *could* arrive any day, even though it’s likely to still be a few weeks.

So while we were putting away some things in the nursery, Brian decided to practice diapering.

Brian is very serious about diapering the teddy bear

And I tried on the Baby Bjorn, with the assistance of the Pink Bear.

the Baby Bjorn might fit better if my belly was smaller

the pink bear enjoys being held in the Baby Bjorn

This week’s plans are to install the car seat, send in our absentee ballots, and keep doing our normal activities as we enjoy this time together before baby arrives.  Stay tuned!

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