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July 2020
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Home again jiggity jig

Thursday was our last full day and we decided to spend it at the Boone Hall Plantation that was conveniently located near the Isle of Palms. While there we took a guided tour of the grounds in an open air trolley, learned a bit about the Gullah, walked through nine slave cabins, and did about half of the plantation house tour before Isaac informed us it was time to go home.

The plantation still grows produce which is sold locally. In its past, the plantation has belonged to several families who have grown cotton, pecans, and indigo among other crops. They still grow a small field of cotton for show which was very pretty. After we left the plantation we went to their market and bought some of their strawberries and peach cider.

That afternoon all of us walked down to the beach to take some final photos with the Kennealys. The next morning Susan, Isaac, and I went back to the beach to try to get a few shots of Isaac. He mostly wanted to keep his head down and not look at the camera but we managed to take some cute shots anyhow.

The end of a successful vacation

Too bright!

Mmmmm sand

We cleaned up the house and left midday on Friday, drove as far as Richmond, VA, and continued the final 9 hours home on Saturday. Things learned this trip: vacationing with another family is fun, driving (if you make the time) is better than dealing with airlines, Charleston is a lovely city, and even a cold day in South Carolina is warmer than Boston in March.

Our complete set of vacation photos is uploaded at flickr.

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