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January 2020
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Busy, busy week

Last Monday was the Red Sox home opener and Isaac and I planned to watch it on television. I got Isaac dressed up in a cute baseball outfit and started preparing breakfast.

What’s a baseball?

Then the phone rang and it was Mr. Dunn offering us his extra ticket to opening day.

I said hold my calls. I’m reading!

We said we’d love to go, had a quick breakfast, packed the car and then we were off for Isaac’s first trip to Fenway. The Sox won and the weather was gorgeous. Isaac managed to nap on my lap during the 2nd and 3rd innings and we took a feeding/diaper break in the 5th and 6th but were back in time to watch the 7th through 9th.

So many new things

On Tuesday we had a relatively quiet day at home. We built a fort on the couch and played a nice game of peek-a-boo. If you can’t see the video below in the email/blog you can click HERE to see it.

On Wednesday we were at home playing on the couch when one of our friends noted we had a lot of photos if Isaac sitting in a corner.

What a cute surfer outfit

We decided to fix that by showing the camera one of our new tricks.

Hanging out with daddy

Isaac has been easily finishing 9 ounces bottles for about the past two weeks and has started expressing an interest in what Su and I are putting in our mouths. We’ve given him some tastes of food on our finger so on Thursday we tried some oatmeal with a spoon. Results were mixed. Most of the oatmeal went out. Some stayed down. The stewed raisins went over the best.

Oatmeal time


You said this would taste good

I’ll just chew on the spoon instead

On Friday Susan was off of work and both of us had dentist appointments so we loaded up the car and took Isaac to meet our favorite dentist/triathlete. After the dentist we stopped in Newburyport to buy some fresh produce from Tendercrop Farm and to have lunch at Agave. When we got home Isaac and I spent some time hanging out on the couch playing with our feet. Then Isaac discovered Slinky.

Hmm, this looks more interesting than pulling off my sock

I’ll pull on the cat instead

Isaac is apparently very literal as he took the title of this book to be instructions for what to do with it.

Does it or does it not say “Chomp Chomp?”

Topping off our big week was Susan’s first Sox game this year and Isaac’s second. The weather was chillier than opening day but still quite pleasant for April. We bought Isaac his first little Red Sox cap and headed to our seats. We discovered the usher who works closest to our seats has the exact same birthday as Isaac. She was very happy to make goo-goo eyes at him and take this picture for us.

The Sox are 2-0 when I go to their games. Draft me!”

Saturday evening Susan and Isaac went to the Fortunetide Ball so Susan could catch up with old friends and introduce them to Isaac.

By Sunday morning we could only eat breakfast and check our seedlings which have started to sprout before passing out for a nap in the middle of playing. First Isaac pulled down his playmat and pulled it on top of him to snuggle with. The rest of the day hopefully should hold some yard work and hopefully a run although naps may win out as the preferred activity.

Seedlings have started well”

Play time or nap time?”

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