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December 2018
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The exciting life of a volunteer

The past month has marked several special events in our volunteer activities.  We were reminded why it’s so rewarding to be involved in our community and to support these non-profit organizations.

Brian attended the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center Volunteer Appreciation event, and received the Ellie Crestin award for his service.  He is even quoted in the newspaper article.  He’s been going to court to provide support to clients seeking restraining orders, has been on call off-hours, and started volunteering in the office as well.

WILG held its annual meeting on Monday.  WILG students continue to need advice and support in their activities, so the Corporation Board is lucky to have such dedicated and knowledgable alumnae who give their time.  We went out for ice cream to catch up with one another after the business of the meeting – I noted what amazingly bright, talented, insightful and diverse women choose to stay involved in WILG.

The AILG held its annual meeting this week – a well-attended event that featured dinner at the Faculty Club and speaker Jim Champy.  I had the honor of sitting with Mr. Champy, Professor Rafael Reif (MIT Provost), Professor Paul Lagace, two members of the AILG board, and the student leaders of the LGC and IFC.   Of course we talked about the FSILGs at MIT, but also about shared stories about what it was like to be a freshman at MIT (a common bond across the years), why we came to the Institute, and how the Red Sox would really do this year.  It was a festive and enlightening occasion as well, making me proud to be part of the activities and heritage of the group.

We don’t volunteer for the recognition or social events, but it did give us an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and reflect on how and why we spend our time.

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