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January 2020
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Training Update 5/9 and 5/16

Week ending 5/9:
Brian’s Week 14 update. Swim: 7200m Bike: 47mi Run: 23mi. Highlights: First 3km swim workout and ran a 10k at 7:50 pace midweek. Lowlights: Nothing major. Great week after having a down week previously. Only 6 weeks until the race.

Susan: This was a taper week, so I did an easy 5 miles on Wednesday with Brian and an easy loop at work with Blumstein and Hone, then the race as previously posted (now with results)! 42.8 miles

Week ending 5/16:
Brian: 5 weeks til race update. Swim: 2200m. Bike: 64mi. Run: 19mi. Highlights: First open water swim of season and my surfer buddy assures me I am *MUCH* faster than last year. Also rode 1 loop of bike race course with Susan (28 miles). Lowlight: Daytime Sox game and late night celebration afterwards caused an unplanned rest day (not so bad for a lowlight). Feeling very positive about my condition only 5 weeks out.

Susan: Went for a 5 miler with Brian to loosen up my legs on Sunday. I started pretty rough, but indeed I did feel better by the middle, but was glad not to go any further. I didn’t have anything special planned for recovery week except get caught up at work. I was glad Hone called me to get out on Thursday for a quick loop (8:15 pace). Beej and I did another section of the Bay Circuit Trail on Saturday, just under 10 miles, starting at Hood Pond in Ipswich and going west to Rowley, Georgetown, Boxford and back through Topsfield. Sunday I got in my first bike ride in more than a year. I think I need some adjustments to the seat position before my next long ride – ow.

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