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April 2019
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Back to Training

After our post-race respites in June, we are back on the training wagon as of July, getting ready for the Marine Corps Marathon.

We’re doing the coolrunning advanced marathon training plan. It’s been really fun to train together! We don’t do every run together, but most of the long weekend runs and speed or hill workouts are so much easier with a buddy to motivate and pace.

July summary:
Susan’s highlights: 150 miles over 22 days. Longest run was 18 miles at 9:15 pace. We did hill work in Toledo at Fort Meigs, the first I had done in years. I was pleased to discover I had some 7:20 miles in me during mile repeats this month. We got in a trail run in Willowdale, opting for shade (and bugs and no breeze!) rather than sweltering sun on a hot day. And I enjoyed running in Virginia Beach along the boardwalk and on the excellent bike paths – the city has over 100 miles of bike trails!

Brian got in 157 miles, clocked in at almost exactly 24 total running hours. He ran the Yankee Homecoming 5K in 23:02, and now holds the official Juddmansee speed record at 7:26/mi average. He did his first mile in 6:48 and pushed it through a brutal last mile uphill. He also had an epic run for the 18 miles today, no doubt helped by the lack of humidity and 70 degree weather.

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