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July 2020
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Archive for 'Little Juddmansee'

Reflections on the First Few Weeks with Isaac

I’m working on my blog post of Isaac’s birth, but it’s taking some time to figure out how much I want to say in the blogosphere. In the mean time, here are some reflections on our first three weeks with Isaac Allan Judd. – he’s a good eater!  It  is so helpful to have a […]

Preparing for “D” Day

It’s been an interesting week here at Chez Juddmansee as the baby’s due date of November 2 approaches. We had a lovely weekend starting with my “off Friday” (which we like to call “Sabbaday” because even if it’s not a day of rest, is it a day set apart, and usually feels like Saturday), when […]

Getting Ready

At 37 weeks we met the second midwife on the team, made sure everything on the birth kit checklist had been assembled, and went through the plan for when to call and what is likely to happen during birth and the following few days. Our friends threw us a party last weekend, a mix of […]

September Recap

Where did September go? First, Football started, the beginning of the fall season for us.  We invited people over the first couple weeks, setting up two TVs and internet access for checking Fantasy scores, and enjoyed hosting the “regulars” plus a surprise visitor from out of town.   There is something familiar and comforting about […]


Moving into a new house means lots of work fixing things, building things, and decorating. Add a pregnancy to that and you get even more things to prepare! We’ve been in the process of fixing up the bedrooms this year. Flooring was completed in March and the guest rooms got painted in April and June. […]

Update on growing things

The garden has been growing and we have our first harvest!  Radishes seem to be the gardening equivalent to instant gratification.  Here are two of the 6 we’ve had so far – these were sliced and quick-pickled as July 4 snack. Here is the bed with radishes in the top left, parsnips are in the […]


In April I said I’d be taking a little time to reflect before embarking on my next adventure.  Well, the next adventure for me won’t be a major race, it’s preparing for motherhood.  Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant, as you may have noticed from the hiking pictures we just posted. FAQs Q: How are you feeling? […]