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July 2020
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Archive for 'Family'

Tree Planting

We traveled to St. Marys, Ohio for their annual Arbor Day tree planting this year. It was time to plant a White Oak for Grandma just across the parking lot from Grandpa’s tree. As in past years, there was a class of little kids who arrived to help. We raked the mulch around Grandma’s tree. […]

July highlights

We had a busy but enjoyable July. We started with our traditional vowel state tour, leaving July 2 in our new Subaru Forester and staying in Batavia en route to Edon Ohio for a family reunion. It was great to see everyone, play lots of cards, go running, and cool off in the pond. A […]

Saying Goodbye to Grandma

My Grandma Sommer passed away on May 20. I’m thankful that she didn’t suffer a long illness, and that she was able to live independently in her own apartment until she suffered a heart attack in early May. I’m thankful for all the school programs, recitals, cross country and track meets, concerts and church programs […]

Disney Half-Marathon

Today’s weather at Disney provided deja vu to the weather we experienced on October 19. When we boarded the bus before 4am, the temperature hovered around 34. While we waited for the start, ice pellets and tiny flakes of snow fell. An inauspicious start to our day – the first time it has snowed at […]

525,600 minutes

For some reason Seasons of Love from Rent has been running through my head a lot this season as I think back over the year. The first measure that comes to mind is miles. Brian has been logging his miles on the road (950 miles biked, 575 miles on foot) and meters in the pool […]

Yankee Homecoming Festivities

Like many towns, Newburyport has an annual festival.  I grew up anticipating the Three Rivers Festival – watching the parade on TV, attending an event here and there, and often enjoying an elephant ear (NOT to be confused with its smaller and less crispy Yankee cousin, Fried Dough) as an annual treat.  In Newburyport, we […]

Wait, zero frequent flier miles after all this?

Last week was our annual summer vacation to Ohio and Indiana (or vowel states as Dan Dunn calls them) to visit our family and friends. We really enjoy the chance to catch up with many people we haven’t seen for a while and hopefully escape the recently abysmal New England weather. This year our adventure […]

So many F words!

Su pointed out that I had not blogged in a while so the task fell to me today.  I think that F words make a lovely theme for my first blog post in nearly two months. Fathers! – First off Happy Fathers Day to both of our dads. Neither of us would be who we are […]

May Flowers, and some leftover April showers

While Brian was working in the yard, I was visting my family.  We planted a White Oak tree at K.C. Geiger Park on Arbor Day in memory of my Grandpa .  It was a beautiful day to spend with Grandma, Mom &Dad, Rich&Sarah and many neighbors and friends in St. Marys.   During my weekend […]

It’s a whole new year

Given that it’s a clean slate and a whole new year, we should start out with a blog update and hopefully post a bit more regularly in 2009. We enjoyed our traditional vowel state road trip for the holidays, this time adding a visit to the Sheldons in Chicago to our itinerary of Toledo (Brian’s […]